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StealthTest API Reference Overview

Learn about our StealthTest API and how to access your API key
The StealthTest API is a RESTful API designed to enable a seamless approach to managing and interacting with private environments. It facilitates the creation and deletion of environments, funding of wallets, and retrieval of essential information, allowing for streamlined integration with your existing infrastructure and processes.
The API returns JSON responses and provides comprehensive error messages to facilitate understanding of any issues or requirements for a successful request. To begin utilizing the StealthTest API, follow the steps outlined below to activate the API for your account and generate an API key.
In order to enable the API and generate a key you must be an active Enterprise plan subscriber and the owner of your team.
Below are some use cases for how you can use the StealthTest API
  • Integrate StealthTest API into your CI/CD workflow, automate the creation of environments when you need to test changes from your application and delete it when done.
  • Run tests against specific environments, and use the StealthTest API to retrieve environment details to target specific existing environments or new ones that are part of your test strategy.
  • Extend existing internal tools, and use the StealthTest API to connect to internal tools that can deploy environments and manage them outside of StealthTest for non-technical folks. No longer do you have to have an account to log in and manually provision new environments!

How to Access Your API Key

  1. 1.
    Log in to your StealthTest account and navigate to your Team.
  1. 2.
    Select Settings, then API to enable API Access for your account. By default, API access is disabled.
  1. 3.
    Click the toggle button to enable API Access. Upon activation, the toggle will turn green and automatically generate a unique API Key that only the owner can access.
Before enabling API
After enabling API
  1. 4.
    The owner can reset the API Key at any time, which will immediately disable the previous key and generate a new key.
Disabling the API will also invalidate the existing key, which will be permanently deleted. For security purposes, each generated API Key is unique and never reused.
You can click on the "Reset API Key" to get a new key or select the green toggle to disable the API altogether
Once you have the API Key, click to copy it and share it with team members or others in your organization who require access.

Now, let's make our first API call! We'll use the Get Environments endpoint to retrieve a list of active environments.

Or if you want to see more of the endpoints checkout - StealthTest API Reference