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Teams & User Roles

A brief overview of teams and user roles within your StealthTest account
Users will be able to collaborate on projects and access shared environments in real time through teams. Teams feature three types of users: Owners, Admins, and Members, each with varying levels of access and control (roles are discussed further below).
StealthTest offers two unique plan options: Personal and Teams. Users will need to select a Teams plan in order to create a team and make use of all the features available with our new plan structure. After creating the team, the owner can now construct environments, invite new members, and assign user roles.
To learn more about our new plans, including the pricing details for each plan level, be sure to check out our pricing page.
Users can quickly switch between accounts and choose which one they want to work with. This allows users to separate their personal and team data, with all data retained within each individual account. Users can switch between personal and team accounts, and even work on numerous team accounts at the same time, making it simple to manage and organize data according to their needs.

Role-Based Access Control

Team Management
User Management
Billing Access
Team Deletion
Create ENVs
Delete ENVs
  • Team Management
    • Edit team name and URL
  • User Management
    • Invite users
    • Remove users
    • Assign roles
  • Billing Access
    • Change subscription
    • Edit/Remove payment method
  • Read-Only
    • Users cannot create or delete environments. They can only access environment information such as the RPC URL, chain ID, and wallet information.
    • This user may also access the Logs and Faucet.

Now let's walk you through how to create a team