Welcome to StealthTest

The End-to-End Solution for Web3 Development

What is StealthTest

StealthTest is a meticulously designed, comprehensive infrastructure solution that specifically caters to the pivotal aspects of smart contract development, testing, and deployments. Nestled securely within cloud-based, private testing environments, our platform instantaneously provides blockchain infrastructure to service every phase of your product lifecycle.
This allows developers to direct their energies toward crafting innovative applications, liberating them from the complexities of node deployments and environmental variables.
Engineered for optimal functionality, StealthTest is designed to minimize maintenance and maximize cost efficiency via resource autoscaling and frictionless network upgrades. This is all accomplished through a proven, repeatable node deployment strategy and a hands-off management approach, eliminating the common headaches associated with self-managed node upkeep.

Why we built StealthTest

Our core belief is that the process of developing, testing, and deploying smart contracts should be seamless and collaborative. In the world of public testnets, there's potential exposure to unnecessary risks. The hassles of faucets and test tokens can detract from the real work at hand. And the pressing question arises: How do you confidently test your work, in its entirety, prior to its grand reveal? Motivated by these challenges, we've pioneered a bespoke private test network infrastructure. With StealthTest, users can effortlessly establish environments, deploy contracts, fund accounts, and test applications. All of this, within a secure and intuitive ecosystem.

Our core product suite includes:

  • A fully functional mainnet replica node that remains private, ensuring security and confidentiality during the development and testing phases. This allows for safe experimentation without risk to live systems.
  • An unlimited faucet and five pre-funded test wallets ready for immediate use and importable into any popular wallet provider or CI/CD system, our platform allows clients to enjoy boundless testing without limitations.
  • A repository of popular and verified smart contracts that users can view, select, and deploy directly to their private environments. Instantly deploy contracts and protocols such as ERC-721, ERC-1115, Uniswap, and Chainlink.
  • A native real-time transaction log and a comprehensive block explorer, enabling real-time viewing of any on-chain activity. Key steps in validating source code and functions, such as contract verification and read/write interfaces, are facilitated, enhancing transparency and insight.
  • A token viewer allows our customers to test the complete minting process and view minted tokens in a marketplace-style preview, as they would in Opensea. This unique feature is designed to ensure the token, metadata, and media quality exceeds expectations, providing a confident and successful pathway to the go-live process.
  • An intuitive user interface, we provide a robust API that allows for seamless integration, streamlining development, and deployment workflows.
  • A smart contract compiler and deployer service that empowers customers to upload, store, and deploy their own smart contracts effortlessly.
  • Instant team creation and role-based access control, our platform makes it effortless to invite and onboard teammates across diverse teams and projects. This enhances collaboration and streamlines the management of varying teams or projects.
  • (Coming soon!) Mainnet deployments that revolutionize the transition from testing to live deployment with an optimized deploy flow that reduces deployment complexity by an astounding 70%. This will not only accelerate the funding process but also offer predictive gas fee calculations, allowing for a seamless and cost-effective mainnet launch.
  • (Coming soon) Integrated analytics for both on and off-chain activities providing valuable insights into the performance of environments. This allows for comprehensive performance tracking and data-driven optimization.

EVM Network Support:

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Moonbeam
  • Arbitrum One
  • Arbitrum Nova
  • Optimism (Coming soon)
  • Avalanche C-Chain (Coming soon)
  • zkSync (Coming soon)
  • Base (Coming soon)

Environment URL breakdown

Each network comes with its own unique provider URL and chain ID. This URL is specific to your account and to the environment that it was generated.
  • RPC URL --> Users who wish to connect to a private test network must do so via the node's RPC endpoint. An RPC (remote procedure call) endpoint is like a node's address.
    • Your unique network URL is a gateway that allows you to easily connect directly to your own private StealthTest network.
  • Chain ID --> A chain ID is a unique identifier representing your private test network.
    • We use dynamic chain IDs to distinguish your different blockchain networks from each other and to ensure that transactions and messages are always sent to your specific private network.
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