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Test Wallets

Understanding network specific test wallets
Each private environment, and specifically each network within that environment, will include a set of pre-funded test wallets that will allow you to interact with the services.


These accounts, and their private keys, are publicly known. Any funds sent to them on Mainnet or any other live network WILL BE LOST. Please only use these for development purposes.
Now that we got that out of the way, let's dive deeper into the wallets:
You will be provided a set of five pre-funded test wallets, each preloaded with 100 test tokens. These test tokens are specific to your private environment and more importantly the specific network (chain ID).
What does this mean?
  • In the same way that you can not use real ETH when connected to a public testnet (such as Goerli) or vice versa, the environment-specific test tokens will only be available for the specific private environments and networks they were generated for.
These wallets can be accessed from the Environments page by opening up your preferred environment and clicking the tab labeled Wallets. You may also access these wallets quickly on any Environment Dashboard page.
How do I access the private key to import my test wallets?
  • From the Environments Dashboard, scroll down to Wallets and click the Key icon to instantly copy the specific wallet's private key that you wish to import.
Wallets page
  • Select the Wallets tab within the selected Environment, navigate to the specific wallet you wish to import and copy the private key by clicking the Key icon next to the wallet's balance.
Wallets via Environments page

Ready to get testing? 🧪 Check out our guides on importing wallets.