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A brief overview of what you'll find in our transaction log


Our transaction log is the first feature of our Block Explorer. You'll be able to see all of the wallet, contract, transaction, and block-level details of your private test network right here.
Only transactions for the selected environment will be displayed in the logs.
Not all transactions will appear in the logs immediately. There may be a 30-second delay in some cases, but every transaction will be recorded and visible.
There are two ways to access the transaction logs
  • From your expanded environment details, you can simply select the button that says Logs
  • Once you have an active environment, a Logs tab will appear in your Environments page.
  • A small transaction log will populate on the Dashboard once transactions are created.

Diving deeper into the details

Below you'll find a list of data points that you'll be able to access about a specific StealthTest test network.
Transaction Data
  • Transaction hash
  • Status
  • Block number
  • Timestamp
  • From and To address
  • Value
  • Transaction fee
  • Gas price
  • Gas limit and usage by TXN
  • Other attributes
  • Input data
Contract & Wallet Address Activity
  • You can see all of the incoming and outgoing activity associated with a specific address by clicking on it. We will also display the current balance in the wallet for wallet addresses.
Block Data
  • Block height
  • Status
  • Timestamp
  • Transactions
  • Total difficulty
  • Size
  • Gas used
  • Gas limit
  • Extra aata
  • Hash
  • Parent hash
  • State root
  • Nonce