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Advanced Block Explorer

A look into our advanced block explorer, an extension of our Logs feature


Our advanced block explorer feature is a sophisticated and comprehensive explorer, offering users an in-depth view of all chain data, transactions, smart contracts, and beyond. This feature provides a wide range of capabilities, making it an essential tool for casual users and blockchain developers.
This feature is only available for users who have upgraded to an Enterprise plan
You can access this feature once you've created an active StealthTest environment and navigated to the Logs page. As an Enterprise user, you are granted access to this feature, which is available at the top-right of the logs page. This will open up a new tab, with all chain data and transaction history immediately on display.
Advanced Explorer Selection
Once you’ve accessed the explorer, the default homepage is a powerful dashboard that reveals so much right away. You’ll see real-time transactions and blocks on the blockchain. Each transaction displays hashes, send/recipient addresses, timestamps, gas fees, confirmations, and transaction types.

Transaction Types

Coin Transfer
Value transfer, value >= 0, no tx input
Contract Call
Tx input is present (any value including 0)
Contract Creation
Creation of a smart-contract
Token Burning
Recognized token transfer of any of ERC-20, 721, 1155 token instance (single or bulk) to 0x0000... address
Token Creation
Creation of token instance in ERC-1155
Token Minting
Token transfer of any of ERC-20, 721, 1155 token instance (single or bulk) from 0x0000... address
Token Transfer
Token transfer of any of ERC-20, 721, 1155 token instance (single or bulk)
A contract call where the contract has not yet been identified by Blockscout

Key Features

Taking full advantage of this explorer, you can enjoy the following key features:
  • Real-Time Transaction Information
    • Transactions are updated in real time - no page refresh is required. Infinite scrolling is also enabled.
  • Token Information
    • Users can track various tokens issued on the blockchain, view token balances, and explore token transfer history.
  • Address Details
    • This includes transaction history, token balances, and interactions with smart contracts.
  • Search Functionality
    • The search feature simplifies finding specific transactions, blocks, or addresses by allowing users to input keywords or specific identifiers.
  • Network Statistics
    • Users can access data related to the overall health and performance of the blockchain network, including transaction throughput, mining difficulty, and network hash rate.
    • Users can read, write and verify contracts, as well as take a deeper dive into the contract's source code, transaction history, token data, and more.

Transaction Details

  • Hash
  • Status
  • Block
  • Timestamps
  • Sender/Recipient Addresses
  • Value
  • Gas Fees

Smart Contracts

Another great feature wrapped inside of this advanced explorer is smart contract analysis and interaction. Once the user has deployed a smart contract to their active StealthTest environment, they can open up the advanced explorer, find their contract, and explore all data associated with it. These features make it a powerful tool for both developers and users interested in exploring and interacting with smart contracts on a blockchain.

Key Features

  • Transactions
    • Users can explore the complete transaction history for each contract, detailing inputs, outputs, transaction type, and status.
  • Token Transfers
    • This provides a record of all token transfers executed via the smart contract, pertaining to transactions of ERC-20 or ERC-721 tokens.
  • Tokens
    • Viewable list of tokens, including net worth, balance and filtering by token standards.
  • Internal Transactions
    • Recorded secondary transactions initiated and executed between smart contracts.
  • Coin Balance History
    • Coin balance is intuitively displayed using graphical visualization, providing more insight into transaction trends and block details.
  • Logs
    • There are detailed logs as well, pulling transaction data, which can aid developers and users in tracking contract events.
  • Contract
    • The contract section adds more visibility into the code itself, including creation bytecode and deployed bytecode, thus providing the ability to 'Verify & Publish'

Overall, our advanced block explorer serves as an indispensable tool for blockchain enthusiasts, researchers, developers, and anyone seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the blockchain's activities and functionalities. Its advanced features and user-friendly interface make it a fundamental part of the blockchain ecosystem.
If you'd like to learn more about our advanced block explorer, powered by
, please check out the documentation here.